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August 2017
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Tag: repair hard drives

Hard Drive Repair: Is It Possible?

It is interesting to know that the technology for hard drive repairs has progressed this far, that what used to be an everyday challenge like crashed or clicking hard drives, formatted hard drives, virus infected hard drives, is something of the past. Today it is possible to even repair hard drives that have been damaged by fire and even hard drives that have been damaged because of a power surge caused by lightning. Whereas before technology had progressed this far, a person would have been informed that there was nothing that could be done to save the information or to repair the hard drive especially in a case of a power search caused by lightning.

Now the question remains, how effective are these repairs, and is it actually possible? The answer is yes, there are certain cases that a …

How to Fix Hard Disk Errors

Hard drive damage should immediately follow a hard drive repair to prevent another occurrence. Bad sectors on the magnetic disks need be checked and a change of the hard drive will be done since the bad sectors cannot be corrected. At times we may ignore feedback from the computer and this information and action needed upon it may later cost you dearly. Once you have detected that your hard drive has a problem especially a logical error, you will need to repair hard drive on time but before that you will need to back up your data in order to avoid further data loss if there was any.

It is important to know that a hard drive repair will not repair bad sectors and that bead sectors are irreparable. In case your machine reports a bad sector you may need …